Week Three Corona Virus Hiatus: Let’s Move

Alright, alright, alright… here we go, week three! How is everyone doing? Stir crazy? Hanging in? I have found that a daily (okay, almost daily) dose of exercise has been doing wonders over here. I have rounded up some great sources for workouts below… and don’t forget getting outside for a walk, run, bike ride… just please keep your distance from others!

  • If you have ever debated getting a Peloton, now is the time! It runs around $58 a month! Even if you don’t want to invest in the bike, their streaming service is awesome. Tons of additional  content ranging from yoga to weight training to boot camp. If you order the bike here is a coupon code ( VGXVJZ ) to get $100 off accessories… like the shoes you need!
    Peloton Bike
  • My most favorite workout spot ever is Barre Coast in R.I. They offer Barre, Yoga, Boxing and HIIT classes normally… now they are offering everything except Boxing virtually and the classes are fantastic! Never the same thing twice and I love every teacher. You can sign up on MindBody ($20 a month) to be added to their private Facebook page where you can stream their live classes or access the previous workouts!
    Barre Coast
  • You want a HUGE library of all kinds of work outs from kickboxing to yoga to weight training to line dancing? Look no further than the oldie but goodie, Beachbody. They have everything you could ever need and you could start a new program if you like schedules! It is $99 for the year, or $59 for 6 months!
  • Another great Barre workout is a local spot called The Bar Method. They are currently offering unlimited streaming workouts for their members but you can also sign up weekly! For non-members, it is only $39/week to access these – people just need to email them (darien@barmethod.com).
    The Bar Method
  • Pilates more your thing? Another local studio here is offering virtual sessions and even one on one training! Reach out to them for privates but you can just sign up online for classes!
  • How about Karate? Our local studio is offering live and recorded classes for both kids and adults. Love these guys. Reach out to them for information!
    Dynamic Karate
  • My trainer recently opened a new gym and he is doing virtual private training and group classes! Think a** kicking boot camp and circuits! He is awesome! Reach out to Kelvin on Instagram!
    Hustle Fitness


I added a new section to my Amazon Storefront called “Get Moving… Home Workout Tools” if you need some equipment!


In other news…

Easter is coming! Did you see the post from Friday for Easter Basket Ideas? Check it out!



I was loving these La Vie En Rose cocktails over the weekend; order some blood oranges in your next grocery delivery.


We made these Pretzel Bagels today and they were AMAZING.



Need three easy meals to make this week? Check out these recipes!


Still searching for some quality TV… check out this list I made in the Fall!


Oh and another awesome kid activity to add to the list… a friend of a friend is hosting virtual art classes! This week is a Cartooning Classes!

Stay well this week… don’t forget to move… and don’t forget to breathe!!!




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