Holiday Gift Guides 2021

Here we go! First Holiday Gift Guide is live (Kids!), keep checking back as they are added through out the month!

Holiday Gift Guide: Kids 2021

November 5, 2021 

The most wonderful time of the year is (almost!) here! Normally gift guides come out in December but I am cranking them out now! So, look forward to a ton of fun gift guides and “What to Wears” are coming too!

Let’s start with the favorite (and the category most likely to sell out and have shipping delays!), KIDS! Babes to teens, you’re covered!

  1. Klickity – Love this sensory toy. Lots of pieces with different textures to push and pull!
  2. Activity Chair – Keep them busy and stationary!
  3. Sheep Go To Sleep by Nancy E Shaw – We were big fans of the Sheep books in our house!
  4. Duplo – Every kid needs Duplo. Love the letters!
  5. Dimpl Pops – Just like bubble wrap and colored! Adults may steal this one- ha!
  6. Foam Ball Pit – This is kind of cool because once they are too big for it the tub can double as toy storage!
  7. Stacking Stone – These are so pretty you won’t mind them set up on your coffee table!
  8. Shrimp – This “stuffed” shrimp is awesome!
  9. Canoe – I can only imagine the pretend adventures with this, plus a cozy spot to watch a movie on a rainy day!
  10. Play Kitchen – Well hello to the kitchen you wouldn’t mind in your living space and not your playroom! Wow!
  11. Domed Rocker – Burn that energy out!
  12. Bouncers – Set them loose with these, make a race course!
  13. Mohawk Helmet – For the coolest biker on the road!
  14. Candy Land – Because if you don’t have it you should.
  15. Polly Pocket – My 7 year old self desperately wants this.
  16. LOL Dollhouse – This is apparently the hot ticket gift this year!
  17. Holiday Barbie – I think this one is on my niece’s wish list. Love the different hair/skin tones to chose from.
  18. OSMO Coding Set – I am a super fan of OSMO, yes it is a screen, but kids are learning and they love it.
  19. Pop Up Puzzle – Did anyone else have this as a kid? My grandmother had it at her house and it was my favorite!
  20. Crystal Hedgehog – I won a science fair blue ribbon for growing crystals so this appeals!
  21. Funko Pop Marvel Game – This strategy game is combining two of my household’s favorites. Win.
  22. Aaron Slater, Illustrator by Andrea Beaty – I adore this book series and am so excited for the newest one!
  23. Hopscotch Rug – So cute for a playroom.
  24. Nerf Go Kart – Quite the combo… go kart with Nerf holders!
  25. Dollhouse – What a gorgeous and simple wood dollhouse!
  26. Gravity Maze – We have this one and it has provided a lot of fun! We see who can solve the races the fastest!
  27. Lego DOTS – I think these are the coolest. Another way to color and design, building but different!
  28. Spectacular Stories for Curious Kids: A Fascinating Collection of True Stories to Inspire & Amaze Young Readers by Jesse Sullivan – The title alone hooks me!
  29. Chess Set – Fun twist on a chess set.
  30. Kids Against Maturity – This game is a must. I have never seen my kids laugh so hard! Or my parents for that matter!
  31. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Set – I like to give books at the holidays… rounds out all the toys!
  32. Central Perk Lego – Could there be a better Holiday gift?
  33. SHASHIBO Cube – Bet they won’t be able to put this down.
  34. Art Cart – This works for all ages. Fill this to the brim with all their favorite art and craft materials! (Like: Colored Pencils, Brush Pens, Glitter and Paper!
  35. Bath Bomb Kit – Love a little DIY science kit!
  36. Pretty Holiday Dress – Still fun to dress up for the holidays!
  37. Candy Puzzle – Think your family could do this one?
  38. Inflatable Movie Screen – Movie nights around the fire!
  39. Movie Projector – You’ll need a projector for that massive movie screen!
  40. Do You Really Know Your Family Game – I am all for a good family game night!
  41. Cozy Sherpa Hoodie – Oh your middle schooler will love this! And with the leggings below!
  42. Leggings – Super cute print!
  43. Beauty Mirror – Old-fashioned lights beauty mirror!
  44. Gripper Slipper – You can get these in sizes for the whole family!
  45. White XBox Controller – I was told the Robot White controller is the COOLEST.
  46. Podcast/DJ Microphone – Do you have a budding Podcaster or DJ on your hands? I do!
  47. Hoodie – Best boys hoodie out there.
  48. Holiday Pajamas – These are a hit every year for my kids!
  49. Hand Lettering Set – A really neat art!
  50. Desk/Vanity – Beautiful piece of furniture that would last from middle school to their first post college apartment!
  51. SNKRS – Nike’s new limited addition drops… trust me, this is a thing and your teen will be thrilled.
  52. Apple Watch – This is a tween (or teen!) dream gift! Also, amazing for parents who aren’t quite ready to give their tweens a phone… this has cellular and GPS!
  53. Nighttime Capture The Flag – This is a birthday party in the making!
  54. Air Hockey Table – Okay, it is possible I want this mid century styled table for my new house! Big ticket item!
  55. Dorm Trunk – Love this at the foot of a bed to keep them organized.
  56. Fairy Light Curtains – Dorm room or bedroom at home, these are super fun!
  57. Mini Fridge – Coolest mini fridge I have ever seen!
  58. Chillbo Lounger – Beach, camping, picnics, outdoor movie night & tailgating! Comfortable wherever they go!
  59. Snow Tube – Fun for ALL ages!
  60. Hunt A Killer Game – A new whodunit crime solver game for your teenagers!

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Home 2021

November 9, 2021 / No Comments

The holidays are a always a great time to give someone something they just would not think to buy for themselves. Little luxe accents for the home are the perfect gift!

  1. Toys Coffee Table Book – Taschen always has the best books.
  2. Woven Baskets – Who doesn’t need more (attractive) storage for their home?
  3. Chic Stays – The perfect gift for the travel lover. A book of the world’s most beautiful hotels with antidotes from those lucky enough to stay there!
  4. Backgammon Set – Beautiful set! My grandmother always had a backgammon board set up in her formal living room, I loved it. I am so excited to have a game table (eventually) in our new house, how cool would this be on that?
  5. NY Heart Puzzle – All your food favorites from the Big Apple… perfect for that game table too!
  6. Set of Champagne Flutes – Wrap these up with your favorite bottle of bubbles!
  7. Ultimate Baking Set – The wood measuring scoops, pretty glass containers and cake stand, this really is the ultimate!
  8. Whitewash Wood Bowl – I think I want this! Super cool as a mail bowl on front hall table, fruit bowl, or to corral your remotes!
  9. Faux Fur Blanket – I have this, actually it was a holiday gift from my mom! It is SO cozy and the best thing to curl up under!
  10. “Californian Tides” by Rob Delamater – Art may be one of my favorite gifts! This framed print is lovely, I think the pair would look great over a bed too .
  11. Towel Set – New amazing towels is a real treat!
  12. Eucalyptus Wreath – A little something different for the front door.
  13. Le Cruset Tea Kettle – This is my favorite, so attractive you don’t mind it on your stove everyday.
  14. Cheese Tasting – Giving an experience is always fun. A giant cheese tasting is perfect for the holidays!
  15. Wood Tree Candles – These are great because when the candle is done you have a holiday decoration for years with the wood tree container!
  16. Once Upon a Chef: Weeknight/Weekend by Jennifer Segal – After what feels like making every single meal and snack of the day for 5 years during the height of Covid, we all could use some new recipes!
  17. Outdoor Blanket – We are still spending so much time outdoors with friends, these would be amazing around a fire pit!
  18. Marble Hurricanes – I am a big fan of hurricane lamps on a dining room table, side board or even a mantle. Love the marble base here.
  19. Hand Soap – Fancy hand soap is always a win!
  20. Round Grazing Board – Fantastic tray with a tall lip for a grazing board!
  21. Our Place Pan – I have heard so many fantastic things about this company. The cookware is SO pretty!
  22. Pour Over Coffee Carafe – Coolest pour over carafe I have ever seen!
  23. Pitcher – For mixing up lemonade, cocktails or just water at the dinner table; this one is a stunner! Also perfect for flowers!
  24. Marshall Speaker – Connects with WiFi and has Alexa built in with the sound quality of Marshall. Perfect for rocking out your holiday tunes!

Holiday Gift Guide: AMH Wishlist 2021

November 12, 2021

Always fun to put together a little list of things I have been eyeing. Nothing outrageous but things I need and have been wanting to buy for myself! 

  1. Persian Vinyl Runner – These are amazing, they look so much like a Persian rug but are vinyl! Perfect for your kitchen… or mine!
  2. Waterproof Sneakers – Before it snows, I need to replace my waterproof sneakers after the many miles I have put on them!
  3. Jumpsuit – I love the idea of keeping it simple! This makes getting dressed easier with one piece! Not just to be worn with sneakers, I could easily layer this with turtleneck and pair with clogs or boots!
  4. Camel Coat – I have been on the hunt for a good camel coat for YEARS. I think I have finally found the perfect one for me! Not super fitted and will go with everything.
  5. Cold Weather Tights– Always need for my walks! I love the pockets.
  6. Pink Button Down – I love this shirt, love it! I have it in white and black and wear them both all the time. It’s my uniform with jeans.
  7. Cookbook – I checked this one out from the library and didn’t want to give it back! So many good recipes that would make weeknight meals easier.
  8. Handbag – Here is another thing I have been looking for forever! A leather tote bag that is also a crossbody. I just want a very simple bag that isn’t too precious… I am lugging water bottles and library books etc! I love that you can change out the straps on this one.
  9. Pajamas – These are my favorite! I could use a new pair!

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $200 2021

November 16, 2021

Need something a little extra special that the recipient would not normally buy themselves? This list has you covered!

  1. Tiger Pillow – I love a needlepoint pillow!
  2. Bathrobe – The stripes are super fun.
  3. Foam Roller – Okay guys, this foam roller is next level…. it vibrates! Major muscle massage while stretching!
  4. Polaroid Camera – This is really just fun for any age!
  5. Mini Tree – Sweet mini living spruce complete with ornaments!
  6. Activity Center – The cutest little activity center to keep the babes busy!
  7. Shearling Clog – I have these and adore them, so comfortable and warm!
  8. Pajamas – Everyone needs a new pair, make them whimsical!
  9. Alarm Clock – Reading lamp, sound machine and sunrise alarm clock all in one! A gentle wake up is shown to balance cortisol levels- who knew?
  10. Cuisinart – The ultimate kitchen tool for your favorite cook!

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100 2021

November 17, 2021

Some great options here for keeping it under $100! Cousin, best friend, God Child, even a special teacher gift! 

  1. Cozy Hoodie – I love this brand for men (and boys!). Excellent quality and a great price!
  2. Napkins – Love these tie dyed denim napkins. I could set a whole table around them!
  3. Enamel Baking Dish – Elevate that chicken parmesan or brownies!
  4. Self Watering Pot – Never over water or under water again!
  5. Driftwood Candle – Perfect for the center of a table.
  6. Foam Roller Water Bottle – Two in one! Great for the gym.
  7. Silk Pillowcase – Cuts down on frizz and so much better for one’s skin!
  8. Textured Pot – These would add awesome texture to any room! They look like your favorite sweater but they are made of cement! Love!
  9. Balloon Elephant Bank – Super gift for any age!
  10. Backpack – Water resistant and surprisingly holds a ton! Perfect for anyone, toddler up to adult. I use my kid’s all the time!

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50 2021

November 18, 2021

Secret Santa gifts for anyone! 

A little something for anyone on your list. Niece, friend, sister!

  1. Candles -How cool are these?
  2. Dominos – Love the fun pattern on these.
  3. The Encyclopedia of Cocktails – Perfect addition to a bar.
  4. Pretty Earrings – These are so easy and would look good on everyone!
  5. Wet Bag – Genius! A zip pouch for your wet suits etc. from beach or pool!
  6. Bala Bangles – I have these and love them! Weighted “bracelets” are a excellent during workouts… you can also use them on your ankles!
  7. The Year Of Dogs Book – Excellent coffee table book for your favorite dog lover!
  8. Champagne Stopper – We need one of these!
  9. Karaoke Microphone – Get the party started Christmas morning!
  10. Blue Light Glasses – So much screen time, might as well look chic while protecting the eyes!

Holiday Gift Guide Under $25 2021

November 19, 2021

Yes! You can find some seriously chic gifts for under $25, that in my opinion, look way over $25! These are good for ANYONE on your holiday gift list!

  1. Super Cool White Vase – I love this on a shelf or even in your powder room with your favorite blooms!
  2. Fabulous Stationary – Such pretty colors.
  3. Brass Letter Opener – Everyone needs one!
  4. Kitchen Cloths – Simple and neutral, these will make cleaning better!
  5. Horoscope Trinket Box – Perfect little box to stash rings etc!
  6. Dog Toy – Don’t forget man’s best friend!
  7. Cheese Board Deck – Stumped what to serve when entertaining? This deck does all the work for you and makes you look like the pro!
  8. Mini Pitcher – Super cute for pencils, flowers or maple syrup for your brunch table!
  9. Slim Aarons Journal – Everyone needs a pretty place to write things down.
  10. Micro Fiber Scrunchies – I LOVE these!!! They dry my hair gently in no time, so blowing it dry is MUCH easier. The best.

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him 2021

November 22, 2021

Always the hardest to shop for… and to curate a gift guide for. But I think I found some spectacular gifts for him this year! 

  1. Nike: Better Is Temporary – Coolest coffee table book for the coolest company. The spine is so good on a shelf!
  2. Theragun – I know, this has made the list before… but it’s just that good.
  3. Boombox – Plays tapes, CD’s and has bluetooth. Perfect for all his old classics, and you know if he wants to have a “Say Anything” moment.
  4. Highball Cocktail Shaker – Super cool for picnics, outdoor parties or tailgating!
  5. Hoodie – Love the bold stripe here. I also have a California Cowboy hoodie and can attest that it is so so comfortable!
  6. Shirt – Perfect weekend shirt with a place to put everything! There is even an interior loop for gloves!
  7. Shearling Birks – The ultimate for the winter!
  8. Faribault Woolen Mills Monogram Blanket – I adore this company’s products and think this personalized blanket would be great over a leather chair in his office or perhaps the back of his car for an impromptu picnic!
  9. Espresso Machine – Here is a true “anchor gift” for your coffee lover!
  10. Roomba – In case you have a neat freak… or just someone that hates vacuuming this is PERFECT! This model is supposed to be the best bank for your buck with the most bells and whistles for the price tag… it even works with your Alexa! OR if you REALLY want to majorly (MAJORLY) splurge, check out this ONE. It empties on it’s own!
  11. Duffel – I may have had this on a men’s gift guide before…. that is because it is the best travel bag. It holds SO much, is rugged, water resistant and has backpack straps. My husband loved it so much I got one and I think we will get them for our kids too!
  12. Running Shoes – I’ve got super fans of this pair in the house. Maybe pair it with #1!
  13. Power Washer – Definitely for the handy guy that likes to do projects around the house! My dad loves his!
  14. Heated Vest – I think this is the “IT” gift of the season! Who wants to be cold?

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her 2021

November 23, 2021

I love putting this one together… absolutely an extension of my own “Holiday Wish List”! If I don’t already own it, I’d be thrilled to receive it!

  1. Weight Ring – Awesome for her home gym workout routine. Easy to hold and swing, I kind of want one!
  2. Reversible Jacket – Part sweater part fleece, 100% cozy and chic.
  3. Jeans – Maybe an odd gift, but these are my FAVORITE and totally worth the splurge. They run true to size!
  4. Airwrap – This made my list last year…. and I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift from my folks. I ADORE this hair dryer! It straightens, it curls, it does it all!
  5. The Comfortable Kitchen by Alex Snodgrass – Okay, so this won’t arrive until the 28th so print out the cover and tuck it in a card. This is Alex from The Defined Dish second cookbook; her first is one of the most used in my kitchen!
  6. New York Book – A giant photo album/love letter to one of the best places on the planet.
  7. Air Fryer – Maybe an appliance is not the most exciting gift… but it is when it makes her life easier! This all in one Instant Pot does it all… air fryer, pressure cooker, slow cooker, dehydrator, etc.! I love mine.
  8. Wrap – I think this reversible poncho is an amazing extra layer to keep her looking ultra chic and warm. Perfect over a coat for those outdoor gatherings, hockey games or even on a flight!
  9. Earrings – Links are super hot right now and I think this is a timeless pair. Diamonds on the bottom, these will go with everything.
  10. Puffer Vest – This looks like the perfect vest for her outdoor workouts.
  11. Tote – Adjustable straps and a cross body strap – this is the perfect take anywhere, hold everything under the sun, bag!
  12. iWatch – The new apple SE watch has cellular and GPS and a much nicer price tag!
  13. Cashmere Beanie– Luxurious gift to keep her warm and stylish!
  14. Sunglasses – My love for Maui Jim continues…. I have frames similar to these and they are super flattering (and glamourous!). Digging the red lenses for something different.
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