Cocktails: la vie en rose

I saw “A Star Is Born” for a second time this weekend and Matt finally got to see it…loved it. It may have even better the second time. Soundtrack is AMAZING by the way!

We came up with a new cocktail this weekend and “la vie en rose” seemed like the perfect name for this deep rosey pink beverage.

When I made The Darien Peach, I bought (or had my husband go to the store and buy) a bottle of Aperol… he made so much fun of me because the store owner teased him that he just wasted $30 and that bottle would never get used. Apparently the store owner is not up with trends because Aperol is hot at the moment. Aperol spritz anyone?

I digress… I was determined to come up another cocktail that used Aperol! This is a WINNER. Maybe even better than The Darien Peach! Any which way, we emptied that bottle this weekend.

So easy and reminiscent of a margarita, these are simply delicious! No simple syrups needed.

I made for a crowd so used larger quantities, but it’s a simple one to one ratio. You can easily make a single drink using a 1.5oz jigger.


la vie en rose


  • 1 Cup blood orange juice (about 6 blood oranges, or you can buy fresh squeezed right now in some stores!)
  • 1 Cup lime juice (about 4-6 big limes)
  • 1 Cup blanco tequila (we like Espolon)
  • 1 Cup Aperol



  1. Add all ingredients in a large shaker or a pitcher. Mix well.
  2. If using a pitcher you may need to strain some of the pulp, otherwise pour over ice in your favorite glass.
  3. Squeeze a wedge of lime in glass and enjoy!



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