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About me.

I have been putting off writing this page, well, since I started this blog. I was talking to Matt about this and how really, who wants to talk about themselves, I sure don’t. His response was “what is your purpose”?

I had to think about that. I started this blog because I wanted a creative outlet.

For those of you that have yet to read my New Year’s post, I really liked the idea of a place I could put my creative juices back to good use. I needed to still play with color and proportion whether it was with food, fashion or reorganizing my home (still a work in progress).

At the same time I realized I wanted to create a space where you could find the BEST EVER meatball recipe, clean ingredient gluten free treats, a review of the latest hot kitchen gadget,  a round up of favorite tv shows of the moment and where to find the best white jeans.

Why? Because we all need those things (sometimes!). I wanted a site to go to like that and there is no reason for all of us to reinvent the wheel.

So this blog is for all the modern women and gents (occasionally) out there that are looking for some honest reviews, wholesome recipes and a laugh along the way. More content to come (feel free to email me burning questions, what’s missing from your closet and of course your recipe box) so stay tuned!




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