What To Watch…

Okay, it is finally chilly here! What does that mean? Lots of evenings hunkered down on the couch and binge watching TV… I’m not complaining! Here is our list for Fall TV! Happy viewing!

(We stream everything on our Roku… if you are thinking about “cutting the cord” on cable read this post!)


New this Fall…

The Affair – Final Season (Showtime- Hulu) – This show is finally answering all the questions in it’s 5th season. If you haven’t watched it at all, its worth it. It gets a little weird sometimes in the middle seasons but it’s well done!

Kominsky Method (Netflix) – Second season of this just launched. We LOVE Michael Douglas over here and he does not disappoint! Funny and at times heart warming, don’t miss it!

American Son (Netflix) – A movie made from a Broadway play. I saw it on Broadway and it translates perfectly to the small screen- it is just like it was in that small theater. Really gut wrenching look at race today.

Schitt’s Creek  (Netflix) – Season 6 just launched on Netflix. Start from the beginning if you haven’t watched- it may be the funniest show on television.

On Becoming A God In Central Florida (Showtime- Hulu) – Kristen Dunst in a very different role… a struggling mom in the middle of a pyramid scheme. It is quite clever.

Living With Yourself (Netflix) – This new Paul Rudd show is a mind bender. What if you had a clone? Watch for the Tom Brady appearance!

Jack Ryan (Amazon) – Season two of this Tom Clancy adaption just launched we can’t wait to dive in. Spy stories at their best!

13 Reasons Why (Netflix) – 3rd season rolled out… the 1st was the best and a must watch for anyone with kids and I can’t quit the show!

Unbelievable (Netflix) – Tough subject matter but if you can make it through the first episode keep going. Toni Collette and Merritt Weaver are fantastic in this.

The Morning Show (Apple) – It’s Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrel; do you need another reason to watch it?

Modern Love (Amazon) – Based on the stories from the NYTimes… just a lovely series.


Not new this Fall but worth a watch if you haven’t…

The Keepers (Netflix) – Documentary on the Catholic Church in Baltimore- unbelievable. Completely haunting.

Friends From College (Netflix) – Ridiculously funny. I was really sad when they didn’t renew it!

Dead To Me (Netflix) – Stop what you are doing and go watch this. It’s just so good. Christina Applegate is the best I’ve ever seen her. Where is season 2 already?

You – (Netflix) – Sufficiently creepy. If you were a Gossip Girl fan you won’t believe Dan Humphrey.

Bosch – (Amazon) – Based in the Michael Connolly books- hands down my husbands favorite show EVER. Titus Welliver is fantastic.

Red Oaks (Amazon) – A comedy set in the 80’s at a Country Club… highly amusing.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon) – If you haven’t seen this comedy about a female stand up comic in the 50’s get watching, it is hysterical!


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