February Favorites

February favorites are here! This month always starts slow and then break and birthday celebrations kick in and before I know it is March! Cheers to Spring being just around the corner!


Feb Favs 2020

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  1. MZ Wallace Max Bag – Excellent new travel bag from MZ Wallace! It has a sleeve that you can slip over the handle of your suitcase and it actually stays put! Even better, that sleeve has a zipper to turn it into a pocket when you aren’t using it on your suitcase! It fit everything I needed and then some, and I love the fresh light gray color!
  2. Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid – This was a book club book and I LOVED it. Super fast read and interesting commentary on race today. Don’t miss it!
  3. Late Night- Amazon movie – Watched this on my flight to Bermuda and really enjoyed it. Mindy Kaling (who wrote it too!) can really do no wrong, and Emma Thompson has a refreshingly different part! Amusing!
  4. Homeland on Showtime (on Hulu)– It’s back for it final season! Who else wants to see what happens to Carrie and Saul?
  5. Jack Ryan Season 2 – I downloaded this for my trip and ended up not touching my book because I was hooked! It was on my watch list for a while… a few false starts (and maybe I thought it wasn’t that interesting – ha!)… but it was so good- I gasped out loud several times! Watch it!
  6. LWYL Stripe Red Tee – A tee from a collection from the blogger, Shannon Buth, whom started House Of Shan, I love her point of view and message.  Besides being a super cute tee-shirt; $5 from each purchase supports women’s charities.  “An imperfect heart stitched over your heart as a daily reminder to… Live your passion, laugh everyday, love deeply, lift others up, and don’t ever quit your daydream.” I also love the heart for the month of February… don’t forget it is Heart Health Awareness Month… in case you didn’t read this post last year, read it now.
  7. American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins – Another book club book… I honestly haven’t finished it yet but so far I love it!
  8. Snapware Cupcake Carrier – Lots of celebrations in this house this month and this Cupcake Carrier never fails! Makes it so much easier to get the cupcakes to all the places in one piece with frosting intact!
  9. The Outsider HBO (on Hulu) – A take on the Stephen King novel, this one is really twisty and dips into the super natural. Very well acted!
  10. Maui Jim Bowline Sunglasses – My obsession with sunglasses continues… these are just so good.
  11. Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set – This was a favorite gift for my little guy (okay, I picked it out!) but it gives such endless possibilities and sparked so much joy and excitement! 
  12. Counter Attack – February equals GERMS. A friend of mine recommended this when her son got the flu and she miraculously did not. I think it works! 
  13. Elderberry Gummies – Seriously… I have been all about preventive tactics this month to save us from the flu and basic colds… it seems to be working. I give these to my kids and pop them myself. (Also extra Vitamin C every day!)
  14. Lysol Wipes– Call me crazy, but I have been traveling with these in my bag at all times. Shopping carts, movie theater seats, plane seats (tray tables, arm rests and head rest screens…) I have been wiping EVERYTHING down and these kill 99.9% of Viruses & Bacteria including Cold & Flu Viruses!



Cashew Butter Cookies – We can not stop making these… they taste almost like caramel and are oh so addictive! You’ve been warned!





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