March Favorites…

I can not believe it is the end of March. The temperature is actually starting to rise. The birds are chirping,  the flowers are trying to peek out and Spring Break is around the corner! I am pumped to open the windows and let the fresh air in!

This month was chock full of fevers, viruses, bugs and antibiotics for this household. It stunk. So this month’s favorites have a bit of homebody/kids undertone!

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1. Escape This Book! Titanic by Bill Doyle and Sarah Sax – My 2nd grader DEVOURED this book. It has different paths you can take to get to the end (like choose your own adventure) and places you can draw yourself into the story. Kept him busy for an hours and did not involve a screen- WIN!

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera – This was a Christmas gift we squirreled away for a rainy day (or a sick day) and it does not disappoint. My kids loved snapping pictures (which turn out really well!) and creating a story in their album. The link above includes the necessary film and batteries plus a carrying bag.

3. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Products in Lilac Scent – This is my favorite scent- ever! Reminds me of Spring in Maryland where I grew up. This kitchen bundle makes your house smell so very good and so very clean!

4. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – What is better for a sick kid than homemade ice cream? Not much. I have been playing around with some fun dairy free “ice creams” too… stay tuned, they are GOOD!

5. Run Fast. Eat Slow. By Shalane Flanagan, Elyse Kopecky & Alan Weiner – My latest favorite (Thank you, Candice!) new morning smoothie comes from this book. Can’t Beet Me Smoothie… I don’t EVEN like beets and love this! Beets are amazing at battling inflammation and I totally feel a difference when I drink the smoothie in the morning. 

6. juiceglass Glass Straws – Because the smoothie tastes so much better out of a glass straw. Who needs plastic anyways?

7. Spiral Hair Ties – Or as I call them phone cord hair ties, but I realize those types of phones are basically extinct… These hair ties are great! They stay in and don’t rip my hair out!

8. Roku – Yep. A streaming device. We have watched a lot (A LOT) of TV and movies this month. This is our favorite… read this post about Cutting The Cord.

9. Dr. Scholl’s Leta Bootie – I just ordered a new pair of these because my ones from last year have been worn into the ground! So comfortable, so supportive AND super cute!

10. Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Flour – This flour makes hands down the best gluten free pancakes… wait scratch that, pancakes. It makes the best pancakes ever. The recipe is on the back of the bag and I love that it just has maple syrup as a sweetener.

11. J. Crew Leopard Belt – I have been all about belts lately and this leopard number is my favorite one. It goes with everything, basically, it’s a neutral. Wear it with jeans or cinch the waist of your favorite dress!

12. Athleta Camo Run Shorts – I just bought these because warmer temps are coming! Shorts are hard to find, but these are very flattering and long enough!

13. The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals by Clea Shearer & Johanna Teplin – I went to a book signing and met the fabulous Clea & Johanna… they are wonderful and this book is so good! While the beautiful, somewhat empty spaces, can be a touch unattainable (let’s be honest with ourselves) it is very motivating. I know that I really only should have things in our home that we either 100% NEED or 100% LOVE. The rest is just taking up valuable real estate. More on this later… as I go through every room and cabinet and closet- ha!

14. OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Canister Set – I bought two sets of these containers when we first moved in to our house over ten years ago (!!!) and they are still going strong. I overhauled my pantry in January (before reading The Home Edit!) and these are essential. I am very impressed (with myself- ha!) that my pantry still looks like it did in January and it’s because of these OXO containers!



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