July Favorites

Hey hey, here we are half way through Summer! How is everyone doing? All a little different, but we are making sure we are still having an excellent Summer. Here are my favorites from this month!


July Favs 2020



  1. Outdoor Movie Projector – What kid doesn’t love staying up late for an outdoor movie. This thing is awesome!
  2. Face Masks – I mean this one is obvious right? You have to wear one so let’s make it fun. 
  3. Shan Swimsuit – I actually have this in a different color but it is THE BEST swimsuit I have… so flattering, so comfortable. I feel like a million bucks in it!
  4. HBO’s Perry Mason – Dark and gritty, a interesting new take on Perry Mason. And who doesn’t live Matthew Rhys?
  5. Beyond Yoga Green Leggings –  Love this color for Summer! So comfortable and light enough for even the hottest days. 
  6. Bandolier Phone Case – Okay, so I am not going to that many places… but I am not bringing a handbag anywhere. This phone case with a cross body strap and credit card slot is a hands free dream! I originally bought this for our April FLA trip… maybe some day! 
  7. SuperGoop – This is the best face sunscreen I have found! Doesn’t clog my pores and I don’t burn- love it! 
  8. Just The Good Stuff – Rachl Mansfield Cookbook – Feeding my cookbook obsession! Some excellent ideas and Rachl is so fun and honest!
  9. TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball for Deep-Tissue Massage – This may not look like much but this little ball is magic. It is layered construction made up of different densities which is the key. It really works for getting to muscle knots!

  10. Lock Every Door by Riley Sager– Page turner that I did not figure out until the end! Loved it! 
  11. R+F ACTIVE HYDRATION BODY REPLENISH – My skin gets DRY in the Summer… sun and salt do a number on it! I use this SUPER hydrating cream once a week and it keeps it balanced. 
  12. AeroPilates Reformer – I have really missed Reformer since the start of the pandemic… this very inexpensive (for a reformer) version fits the bill! 
  13. Silver Fern Probiotics – All about the gut health (Hello, have you bought this book yet?) – I bought their Gut Essentials Kit and it is great! 
  14. Lululemon Tee – Okay, I have talked about this in a Workout Gear Post & Tie Dye Post… I love this shirt! I now have in three colors… true favorite! 


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