Broth Bowl… The Formula

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Most requested recipe ever… my Broth Bowls. Here is the thing. I don’t have a recipe. I just wing it, so maybe let’s call it a formula? Yes, formula. Here is the beauty of the bowl… you can do whatever you want and make it with your own favorites! 

So my method… or formula… I like to have all the ingredients cooked and ready to add to a bowl so I have lunch ready in minutes.

I normally start the week making protein and vegetable ahead of time to add to the broth. Most of the time it’s greens (bok choy, kale, spinach, broccoli) a little onion and I may add ground chicken to that. If I don’t, I throw rotisserie chicken or a soft boiled egg into the mix when I am reheating the soup. I sauté everything in a little coconut oil and sesame oil. When it’s browning, I will add a few hefty splashes of coconut aminos… that’s it! Keeping the seasoning light really lets the broth shine here.

I also will typically cook rice noodles but plain rice will work too and is much easier to reheat. You have to cook rice noodles fresh in my opinion. I also love zoodles if I want something a little lighter. 

The important part is a REALLY good bone broth. My local go to is Nit Noi Provisions. Seriously, the best I’ve had. There are some good brands in the freezer section, and also mail order too! You can always make it yourself too… every time  we have  a roast chicken I make it and it is SO delicious! No real recipe there either…. just boil the bones with vegetables forever…

So, at lunch time I will add my precooked vegetables and protein to a bowl, add enough bone broth just to cover and I pop into the microwave until HOT! If I am using rice noodles I cook and then add to the bowl. Pro tip here: I cook two soft boiled eggs in the same pot I am boiling my rice noodles in, they both take 6 minutes! Then add those to the heated broth, protein and vegetables.

Once everything is in a bowl top with micro greens, fresh herbs and sriracha!

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Ingredients for one Broth Bowl:

Protein – 1/2 Cup Rotisserie chicken, cooked ground chicken, cooked ground pork or two soft boiled eggs

Vegetable – 1 Cup sautéed or roasted vegetables, whatever your favorites (cooked in coconut oil, sesame oil and coconut aminos)

Bone Broth – 1 to 1 1/2 Cup of your favorite bone broth

Toppings – Handful of micro greens, pickled onions, fresh herbs and sriracha.

Assemble and enjoy!

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