Week Five Coronavirus Hiatus: Grocery Games

Okay. Week FIVE. I know we have a long way to go, but how crazy is that? I haven’t been in a store for two whole weeks (yesterday), and that was actually just a pick up, not even a full shop.

Since obtaining groceries seems to be my main stress point, I figured I would write up what is working for us. That and I have had a lot of requests for tips and tricks on the matter! Let me be clear, I am WINGING IT,  but whatever, it’s working. 

On the note of procuring groceries being my main stress point. It is layered – as all of our reactions and emotions during this Pandemic are, I think first and foremost I want to keep everything as normal as we can for our kids. Food is such a huge part of our life, we bake together, eat together, plan together. We are foodies. That means what they are eating isn’t changing. My being in the kitchen, their diet, their favorites… I want to keep it the same for as long as we can!  In addition to that, cooking and creating in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do. It keeps it normal for ME. Feeding my family well makes ME feel better. 

So, I have been playing the “Grocery Game”. It feels like you won the lottery when you finally get that delivery spot after your 7th page refresh! So many text chains flying back and forth about who got a delivery window, who found flour and who was lucky enough to get an Instacart shopper go to Costco early enough to score the Charmin (not me… yet!). 

So here we go. The name of the game is REFRESH. Load up your cart and keep it full with the things you need and then keep refreshing the windows for the delivery services. That way, when a window does come up, you can just click and go. Also, try the apps because I think they may work better than the websites. 


First up, grocery deliveries. 

I have only been able to get one Instacart window and delivery was from anytime Saturday to Thursday. We are very lucky to live in a metro area and there are a ton of stores to choose from. The shopper for Instacart chats with you real time and mine even waited around because he heard they were putting out chicken! Amazing! 


PrimeNow is where we have had the most luck. The tricky part is if something is out of stock they remove it from your cart so by the time you get a window you may not actually have much to purchase! Regardless, Whole Foods has been great and communicative is something is out of stock and also very flexible if they make a mistake. 

 If you are local, my friends over at Mike’s Organic Delivery can take care of you! Delivery and pick up options, they carry the FRESHEST, highest quality foods around. Our Easter dinner was perfection thanks to them! 

easter dinner

I saw that the Westport Farmer’s Market is also offering local delivery from some of their vendors. 

Check in with your local small markets, I know so many of them are delivering! CSA’s too! Farmer’s are still growing! 

Oh! And don’t forget Drizly if you need some wine, beer or mixers! 


Second, stocking the pantry and freezer through mail order.

Amazon is still a good bet to check for pantry items you need. My “Let’s Be Prepared” section as well as “AMH Pantry Favorites” in my Amazon Shop is still up, and check out their Prime Pantry service too.

I had GREAT luck with Boxed.com! Bounty paper towels and gluten free flour!


Thrive Market is also a great option. They are a bit slammed with orders so it takes a little longer to arrive but they are constantly restocking inventory and have had everything we need! They definitely cater to food allergies and specific diets too! They also have a meat and fish freezer section. 

Walmart is also another one to try… shipping is taking forever but that have inventory!

Panic Pantry


Next up, I have plenty of friends relying heavily on meal kit services- this is brilliant! Takes the guesswork out of meal planning AND cooking! No trip to the grocery store or struggling to get a delivery window. No stress! Don’t forget about juices and smoothies too!

A few to check out: Hello Fresh, Purple Carrot, Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Hungry Root, Freshly, The Home Chef, Martha & Marley Spoon, Gobble, Green Chef, Yumble (for kids!), Daily Harvest, and Project Juice.


Last but certainly not least; go straight to the source! Have a favorite brand? See if you can shop directly from their website! I have a (slightly irrational) fear that I will run out of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips… anyone want to go in on an order with me?!

Some of our favorite brands: 

Ghirardelli, Lopaus Point Waffles, Brooklyn Cured, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Sweet Loren’s GF Cookie Dough, NadaMoo, Simple Mills, and Bob’s Red Mill



On the topic of cooking, perhaps you are looking to buff up your cooking skills a bit during your hiatus at home! One of my favorite spots in NYC is now offering their cooking sessions online! Haven’s Kitchen is incredible… and they also happen to have created a sauce line I can not stop using! Check them out

Haven's kitchen

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