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Normally I am scanning through for all the amazing recipes. Once in a while I will scroll through their shop section. It never fails to make me want to completely redo my entire kitchen, overhaul my cabinets and set a perfect tabletop for a midweek meal. It is such a well curated space, it is inspiring. With the next round of holidays coming up (Easter & Passover are the perfect time to bring out your best for family gatherings) I wanted to share a few items I have and love and what I currently have my eye on from

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  1. Copper & Brass Louise Trays – These are just so pretty! Perfect for your coffee table to corral books and remotes, to serve hors-d’oeuvres at your next party or on your bedside table for trinkets! The Brass & Mint is my favorite!
  2. Uashmama Placemats – I covet these paper (yes, I said paper) placemats! The are coated with wax on both sides to make them water and stain resistant. Perfect for family dinner.
  3. Farmhouse Pottery Wood Bowls – These perfect bowls. Basically the folks at Farmhouse Pottery in VT can do no wrong. I want one in every size and color.
  4. Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Bowls – Again, these guys are awesome! I actually went to their studio in VT and got to try my hand at throwing a pot… it did not look like this. But I do have a pantry bowl and love it. Perfect for mixing up and pouring out pancakes!
  5. Juiceglass Glass Straws – I love the idea of ditching plastic straws! We have some stainless steel ones but I think I would like to add the green set to our kitchen!
  6. Sir Madam Solid Brass Ice Cream Scoop – We are ice cream people. I WANT this. We have about half a dozen scoopers in our drawer… but this one looks like it would cut through that pint of ice cream no problem. Not to mention how cool it looks.
  7. Chilewich Dalia Placemats – I received these placemats for Christmas and love them! They really dress up a table. Bonus, they wipe down easily after meals.
  8. Farmhouse Pottery Windrow Pie Dish – I bought this pie dish during my visit to Farmhouse Pottery’s Studio. It even made an appearance in my Holiday Gift Guide because I love it so much. From quiche, to cinnamon rolls, to summer tomatoes, to brownies everything works in this beautiful dish!
  9. Mason Jar Shaker and Shake Book Set – I think this is a perfect gift! A handy cocktail shaker and an excellent book on mixed drinks. We have this one and there are some gems in there! Father’s Day is coming!
  10. Stainless Steel Bottle Opener – I think these simple yet cool bottle openers would look great on any bar.
  11. Cheese Vault – I know this is sort of ridiculous… but really, we spend good money on quality cheese shouldn’t we be storing it properly? I want one!
  12. Kitchen Tool & Storage Jar Set – Another great gift. Perfect for a new chef or someone just starting out in their first home. Grater, Spiralizer and juicer all in one. Makes prepping for a healthy meal a snap!
  13. Salt & Pepper Grinders – Not much to say except how fantastic would these look on your kitchen counter? I fancy the green ones!
  14. Food 52: Any Night Grilling Cookbook – YAY!  A new Food 52 cookbook! All of them are great! This one will be terrific going into summer. A must have.
  15. Wool Dryer Balls – A dear friend gave me these for Christmas and they really do work! Basically an eco friendly dry sheet replacement, these zap out static cling and make your clothing soft and fluffy.
  16. Geometric Woven Flat Vinyl Mats – I don’t currently have a place for one of these but I think that “Tan & Brown Optical” one is perfection. I would love it under a kitchen table…
  17. Dave’s Coffee Syrup – This stuff is the bees knees!!! It’s a Rhode Island thing so maybe that’s why I love it, or maybe it is because I remember when they opened their first shop, or maybe it is because it tastes like heaven poured over vanilla ice cream (or yogurt). Any which way it is excellent. They also have a vanilla one too!
  18. Mustard & Co. Sampler Pack – If you are a mustard person you have to try these! The Honey Curry is my favorite of these small catch mustards!
  19. Copper & Brass Louise Bowls – Just like the trays above (#1) these had to make the list. They add the perfect amount of shine to any room! My mom collects vintage enamel and silver bowls from Reed & Barton and these remind me of them!


This is such a small sample of all the good things currently on Food52. Please share what you find and love from there!


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