January Favorites 2021…

Let’s be honest, January was the longest month ever… but I can’t believe I am already doing a monthly round up of my favorites! Lots of goodies here that overflowed from my birthday and Christmas!

jan favs

  1. Dyson Airwrap – An amazing gift from my Mom and Dad… it is SO cool. I’m just getting the hang of it but I am majorly digging the beach waves I can accomplish in no time. No more blow drying straight and then using a curling iron… time saver AND better for my hair! I may not be going anywhere right now but always feel 1,000 times better when I put on “real clothing” and do my hair! 
  2. Microfiber Scrunchie – This thing is amazing. Throw your hair in to a bun with this and it dries your hair so fast!
  3. Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller – This is pretty cool (dumb pun not intended!). You put the roller in the freezer and can use it to ice your muscles while massaging at the same time. It works!
  4. Citrus Juicer – This was a gift to Matt for making those fresh cocktails even easier! It is Ina’s favorite so I figured it had to be excellent!
  5. Rodham: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld – Started this alternate history fiction on what would have happened if Hillary said no when Bill proposed. I have loved everything Curtis Sittenfeld has written! 
  6. The Girl From Widow Hills by Megan Miranda – First page turner of the year. This did not disappoint! 
  7. Mother Jeans – I just featured these in the Winter Wardrobe Capsule post. I am living in these super comfortable jeans. 
  8. Chirp – More tools for aching muscles. Sort of like a facia roller, but you can use it on your spine. Their claim: The Plexus Chirp wheels stretch and massage the thoracic and lumbar region muscles improving strength, flexibility, and balance which has a powerful preventative effect that reduces the chance of injury and enables muscles to hold up better against strain. Matt and I are both loving this!
  9. T-Spheres – So, this month seems to be all about selfcare! These little spheres come with essential oils that only elevate the relaxation! Great for massaging your neck, temples and even feet! 
  10. Lupin – Look past the dubbing, this French cat and mouse series is excellent! 
  11. Rebecca – A little late to the game as this came out last year, suspenseful and the scenery is a mini vacation! Perfect for movie night!
  12. Hop Ball – We got these for the kids for Christmas. Hilarious to watch them bouncing around in the yard… debating the adult size ones!
  13. Water Bottle – Dubbed the “obnoxious” water bottle due to the motivational writing, it is meant to keep you on track with daily water intake! I have not been consuming as much water as I should be and I can feel it! This is definitely helping!  
  14. Nonslip Velvet Hangers – Along with wellness, isn’t January always about organizing? A form of wellness, too, I guess! Just went through and made sure everything in my closet was on one of these hangers. It really does make a huge difference! So much cleaner! 
Please note: A Modern Housewife LLC has affiliate relationships with multiple brands. A Modern Housewife LLC will earn a small commission on any item purchased through these links. That commission keeps this site up and running and allows us to keep the content coming to you! All items on here are things that we own, love and use almost daily if not multiple times a day! Feel free to contact me with questions on any of the items!

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