Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Just a few little ideas to brighten the day of your Valentine(s). Doesn’t need to be big (or it can be… hello, cardigan!) but it’s fun to shower those you love with something a little special!


  1. Lucite Chess Set – This set is so cool looking no one would have a problem leaving this out on the table full time. Easier to to play! Gift for your spouse or for a family, after Queen’s Gambit everyone is game for chess!
  2. andSons Chocolatiers Valentine’s Day Gift Box – What is Valentine’s Day with out chocolate?
  3. Heart Dress – This is just so darling! 
  4. Epic Robe – I was lucky enough to be gifted this awesome robe from California Cowboy… it is terry lined, has a water proof zip pocket AND a pocket for a champagne bottle (or water etc). It is just so cool, I think anyone would agree! And they have a men’s version too! 
  5. High Camp Flask – Excellent for taking on a hike with hot chocolate or to a bonfire with his favorite cocktail!
  6. Cheerful Flowers – Such a day brightener!
  7. Cozy Cardigan – Okay, this cardigan again… but now it’s in pink. And cable knit! I have this sweater (discussed here) and I honestly want to wear it every day!
  8. Boys Tee & Sweats – Vineyard Vines is a hit in our house, something about that whale and the softness of the tees. The pants are a real favorite too. 
  9. Heart Waffle Maker – Really, you can go far beyond waffles here… hash browns, sandwiches, cinnamon roll dough… day old donuts. 
  10. A Gigantic Tube of Plus Plus – These keep my kids busy for hours. The gigantic tube is a show stopper!
  11. Decorate Your Own Heart Box – Crafts are always a winner, sticking with the Valentine theme. 
  12. Make Your Own Hot Sauce – For the one that sets you heart on fire… or anyone that really likes things spicy!
  13. Classic Hoodie – Have these and love them. Perfect loungewear. 
  14. Animal Surprise Mug – My Aunt & Uncle had one of these in their house when I was growing up (a frog) and it was always the biggest deal to get mug for your hot cocoa after sledding!
  15. Reel Viewer – I am a little obsessed with the idea of this gift. Remember the Reel Viewer you had as a kid? Now you can make your own with your own fantastic memories! What a special gift!
  16. Neon Lightening Bolt – Just because it’s cool. 
  17. Olympia Provisions Sweetheart Gift Box – Is this ever not a great gift idea?
  18. Super Cozy Throw – For all those Netflix nights, perhaps in light pink?
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