Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Okay guys, 10 days until Christmas! Do you have you shopping all done? Shipping delays are at an all time high so if you want it ORDER NOW!


On that note, as I was creating this list some ship dates changed, I tried to update every product but some may have changed since I published it. Look for the phrase “Will arrive before Christmas” in GREEN letters to make sure you receive it in time!

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  1. Hot Chocolate Bomb Mold – Make your own Hot Chocolate Bombs this Christmas! 
  2. Alphabet Puzzle – My favorite part is that it has the proper way to write each letter under the puzzle piece! 
  3. Bushwick Honey Sampler – This looks awesome. I love using honey for everything from salad dressing to cocktails. 
  4. Canon Content Creator Kit – Okay, this is a pricey one, but oh man is this a teens dream! 
  5. La Chatelaine Hand Cream – My favorite little store (that sadly recently closed) sold this hand cream and it is fabulous! 
  6. Glittery Stud Earrings – Kate Spade always knows how to bring the sparkle!
  7. Tea Sampler – A collection from my favorite tea company. 
  8. Stomp Rocket – This toy never fails to please! 
  9. GoCube – A modernized version of Rubik’s Cube! 
  10. Little Tykes Tee Ball Set – So cute for your budding sportsman!
  11. Colored Pencils – I love this as a gift for kids or adults! Take them out of the pack and wrap them with a pretty bow!
  12. Pun Intended – Another fun game! 13+
  13. Citron Sea Salt – This looks like it would be fantastic on seafood, pasta or the rim of a cocktail!
  14. Taco Ornament – Who doesn’t love tacos?
  15. MagicFun Kid’s Camera – I can see my kid making movies with this all winter long! 
  16. Milk Frother – Because let’s keep it fancy at home.
  17. Turkish Hand Towels – Hand towels always need a refresh!
  18. Osmo Coding Starter Kit – Anyone else have kids that love to code?
  19. Galaxy Slime – Slime is always a winner!
  20.  Fancy Toothpaste – Because you are never going to be a sampler set of fancy toothpaste for yourself. Perfect gift. 
  21. Hot Wheels Crash Track Set – Best part about playing with Hot Wheels is crashing them, right?
  22. Kids Against Maturity – My friend told me this game is HILARIOUS.
  23. Glow In The Dark Stars – Who else had these on their ceiling as a kid? 
  24. Kid-O Musical Instruments – I love all things from Kid-O, colors and shapes are always spot on! 
  25. Coconut Milk Bath – This sounds divine.
  26. Le Creuset Oven – One of my most favorite things in my kitchen!
  27. Dodow Sleep Aid Device – Designed by insomniacs, it claims to have you fall asleep in half the time… tempting! 
  28. Mini Cricut – For the crafter in your life. 
  29. STEM Building Kit – A little education along with the fun. 
  30. Ring Security Camera –  Ring has so many accessories to go along with their original doorbell, never can be too secure!
  31. Instant Read Meat Thermometer – We need a new one of these I think!
  32. Homesick Candle – Send someone the scent from their favorite state that they maybe can’t visit right now. 
  33. Sea Mud Mask – There is nothing better than a sea mud mask – my favorite! 
  34. Magnetic Chess Set – Isn’t everyone watching Queen’s Gambit? If you have not, you should. It is amazing! We have this set and it’s perfect to learn on for kids! 
  35. A New Planner – Because let’s be optimistic for 2021.
  36. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains by Tieghan Gerard – Because can Tieghan can do no wrong and I feel like most have her 2nd cookbook, not her first. Me included! 
  37. Trivet Set – Love how minimal these are and they remind me of the fancy rope ones I have seen for much more $$.
  38. Cooking Through Trader Joe’s Cookbook by Kelsey Lynch – For the ultimate Trader Joe’s fan!
  39. Gaming Headphones for XBox – The ultimate for the video game obsessed. 
  40. Juicer – For all those New Year’s resolutions! Kidding, kidding! I love my juicer.   
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