September Favorites 2021…

Ahhh the blur that is September. Wrapping up Summer and starting a new school calendar year is always jam packed and a little bittersweet. As per usual a lot of TV binging over here and I have worked some reading in too between all the chaos! And yes… I am most certainly Veronica Beard obsessed, and I am okay with that!

  1. Scuba Blazer – This blazer is SO flattering! I call it the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” blazer (remember that movie?) because it looks good on everyone and anyone! And, you can change up the looks with dickies!
  2. Silk Dress – I feel like a million dollars in this dress. Enough said!
  3. Instant Pot Air Fryer Duo Crisp – I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift from Instant Pot and it is awesome! I have used the air fryer (new to me) and everything came out crispy and perfectly cooked… and absolutely “fried” with out the grease! Also used the pressure cooker and slow cooker function and just like the original Instant Pot things come out great. This is a serious multi function pot!
  4. How To Kill Your Best Friend by Lexie Elliot – Okay, so the title is a little off putting… but this is twisty and good! I read it so quickly!
  5. Dining Chairs – I have been coveting these chairs since we first saw our new house last year. I knew, (JUST KNEW!) they would look perfect in the space. They are modern in shape but the material lends a slightly earthy, dare I say bohemian vibe, to them. Perfect for when you walk into our house and see the casual dining space. They are basically art! Major bonus… they are outdoor chairs and super easy to clean. I can take them outside and hose them off if we have a really messy meal!
  6. Skinny Taste Air Fryer Cookbook by Gina Homolka – This book is super helpful when learning how to use a air fryer! Gina is so skilled at lightening recipes while keeping so much flavor!
  7. Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu) – What a cast! I love that Nicole Kidman has teamed up for another Liane Moriarty book! I read the book a while back but so far it is tracking just as I pictured it! (We haven’t finished yet!)
  8. Click Bait (Netflix) – This is entirely bingeable! I can almost guarantee you will not see the end coming!
  9. Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena – I love Shari Lapena! She always provides an excellent page turner, I finished this is 2 days!
  10. The Perfect Charcuterie Board – This is the PERFECT board! It has a small edge which makes it easier to corral all your favorite bites. Makes the most impressive presentation!
  11. Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica – I listened to this one on Audible while I worked around the house and loved it. I found myself not wanting to take my ear buds out! Truly was surprised with how many turns this one took!
  12. The Big Leap (FOX) – Okay, we’ve only watched the first episode but it was so endearing! I felt so uplifted after watching and can’t wait to watch the next episode!
  13. Clogs – I love a good clog and this navy pair completes my closet! So cute with the silk dress!
  14. Skinny Taste Meal Prep Cookbook by Gina Homolka – I am starting to wrap my head around being without a kitchen soon (very very exciting problem to have!) and have been researching freezer recipes, particularly ones I can put in a toaster oven or air fryer/instant pot. This book is a TREASURE TROVE! So amazing for anyone who is super busy and looking to get healthy, awesome meals on the table!
The Board in action!

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