A Few Random Things That Have Been Invaluable During The Quarantine…

A few random things that have been invaluable during the quarantine…

These don’t quite qualify for the “This Month’s Favorite” post because they aren’t that “fun”, but they have been totally invaluable during this quarantine! 

I have long wanted to make the switch to less plastics and paper products and this quarantine has pushed me to be a little more proactive! Also… cleaning. Who else is in disbelief about the amount of dust that is in their house??? I am constantly cleaning. It must be because of all of us being in the house all day every day…

So, a few things that I am loving!



  1. Bona Floor Cleaner – We got this floor care kit because the mop didn’t feel clean… this works SO well and makes both tile and wood shine. Also the pads go right in the washing machine!
  2. Mesh Fruits & Vegetables Bags – These have been awesome for storing washed fruit and vegetable. Since they are breathable, things seem to last longer too! It corrals all the big produce items and ditches the plastic bags they come in. I wrap things like lettuce and herbs in a dish towel before storing. (see dish towel below)
  3. Glass Containers – Like above with the mesh bags, every time groceries come into the house they get washed. I am so happy to clean my fruits and vegetables and store them in these dishes. Ditches all the plastic in my fridge, produce seems to stay fresh longer and most importantly THEY STACK!!!
  4. Dish Towels – When you are concerned about the availability of paper towels you quickly see how much you use them. I may be doing a little more laundry but I have been using dishtowels for everything! Storing produce, cleaning the kitchen and even as napkins! 
  5. Swiffer Duster & Fleece Refill – This Swiffer is great for getting up all the dust. The extender is great for reaching up on top of shelves and frames but also getting down to swipe the baseboards. The fleece covers are THE BEST and you just pop them in the washer when you are done! 
  6. Dust Mitt – This works both wet and dry, which is great. Perfect for going over surfaces and dusting all the items on your shelves…. all the books, all the frames! 
  7. Dyson Animal – Definitely an investment but having a powerful cordless vacuum has been a lifesaver! So much dust… and dog hair. This gets into every corner and picks up EVERYTHING. 

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