Best Food52 Shop Finds For Summer!

I love Food52. The website is so well curated and their shop is chock full of amazing things. I was perusing it the other day and saw lots of good items to make summer a little better (aka easier!). See below for items I have and love or things I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection!

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Food 52 Summer 2019.jpg

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  1. Stackable Bodega Glasses – We have the short ones and use them for wine, ice cream sundaes, burger bar condiments and side salads. They work for everything.
  2. Silicone Straws–  Love the push for reusable straws!
  3. Tostabags – Lunch made easy! Make that grilled cheese or peanut butter and banana right in the toaster! No mess no fun! Bonus these bags are dishwasher safe and have up to 50 uses!

  4. Meatball Maker – If anyone is looking to buy me a gift… I WANT THIS! Use it for meatballs, cookie dough drops or energy bites; this mold cuts out the rolling time!
  5. Microwave Popcorn Popper – Lots of summer movie nights, am I right? Forget that greasy bagged stuff!
  6. Water Bottle Ice Cube Mold – Does anyone else have this issue… ice cubes that won’t fit in your water bottle? You NEED water bottles in the Summer. Problem solved.
  7. LED Lantern – A very chic LED lantern for your picnics at dusk!
  8. Waterproof Beach Tote – Made by Steele I need this tote STAT!
  9. Small Batch Hudson Valley Shrub & Bitter – Cocktails or mocktails made easy!

  10. Grass Fed Grilling Butters – This will dress up anything that comes off the grill.
  11. Passion Fruit Curd – Just add a store bought warmed biscuit ice cream and you have a fancy dessert!
  12. Vinglacé Wine Bottle Chiller – Because it is so darn hot out!

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