February Favorites 2021…

Here we go, already the end of the month! Jam packed month for us with birthdays, school vacations (not that we went anywhere!) and listing our house… more on that later!

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  1. Camera – It was finally time for an upgrade! So excited for this camera, which I actually got for my birthday. The pictures are so good and I can’t wait to play around with it more.
  2. Camera Bag – I wanted something streamlined, not too bulky but that also really protected the camera. This fits the bill!
  3. Camera Strap – I loved the color of this strap and the durability of the paracord. Plus it’s just cool.
  4. All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda –  You know how much I love a page turner… I also love it when I read a new-to-me author and then can read everything they have written! I loved this book!
  5. The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda – This one was really twisty. Took me longer to figure out the plot than normal!
  6. Sisal & Wool Rug – So when we decided to list our house (more on that later…) I knew that a neutral rug would show/photograph better than my colorful Persian rug so we purchased this one. I actually LOVE it. and the price is SO good!
  7. Hunting Party by Lucy Foley – Queen of suspense! I feel like I have read a lot of these “stranded on a snowy mountain” books recently. This one was quite good!
  8. Outdoor Chairs – Okay these are planning ahead for Spring a bit… but in addition to the rug, I picked these up for when we put our house on the market.  A little more streamlined then what we had and I had been eyeing them for a while… they don’t even look like outdoor chairs!
  9. Parcheesi – We have been very into board games as of late… it’s been so snowy! And the kids really get a kick out of this one!
  10. Air Fort – This was a birthday present for my newly minted 6 year old… it is safe to say we all love it! Inflates super quickly with a box fan and deflates and stores just as fast. Big enough that ALL of us (and the dog) set up camp. This is just a winner.
  11. Chinese Checkers – Like I said, lots of family game time. I love this because you have to think very strategically!
  12. Tell Me Your Secrets on Amazon Prime – The latest in our binge watching… its very dark but I can’t wait to see how it ends.
  13. Tom & Jerry Movie on HBOMax – This movie was darling. My kids cracked up through the whole thing. Old school charm!
  14.  Sunglasses – Yes. I did it again and bought yet another pair of sunglasses. I have a problem… but I am okay with it because I wear sunglasses every day even if its cloudy out! Eye health! I ADORE these!
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