Week Seven Coronavirus Hiatus: Small Interior Updates

Let’s keep this week light. Last week was long and heavy, at least it felt that way in this house. Here are a few things to perhaps brighten your home a bit as we head into Week Seven. 

Last week we focused on the outside. I am SO grateful for the sunny day yesterday; we were outside in our “new room” all day.

So let’s focus on the inside. Nothing major, although I’ve been meaning to finish a “Indoor Refresh” post since the start of this… maybe I will save that for the two month mark.

When you spend so much time in your house you see things that perhaps need a little updating that maybe you wouldn’t have noticed before.

For me, it’s kids cups in the kitchen and maybe some storage… and kitchen towels. Maybe you need a gauzy throw for all your Netflix binge watching, a pretty frame for a family snap or new wooden spoons for all the cooking!

I’ve thrown together some chic pieces, tiny touches,  that may just make your space feel a little fresh, new and perhaps a bit more comfortable!

Hang in there guys!




Week 7


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