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Sun protection in the hot summer months is crucial! Beach time, golf courses, tennis matches, amusement parks; we all spend so much time outside!

I am so excited to have my incredibly talented Rhode Island friend, Kearsley Lloyd share her wisdom today on A Modern Housewife!

Kearsley now lives full time in Bermuda (yes, my other favorite place!) and is a graphic designer and artist. She specializes in custom designs, branding and illustrations. She has found a niche working with brides to create specialized logos, invitations and accessories for everything surrounding the big day, and creating monograms to carry with them beyond.




In addition she designs corporate logos, boat insignia’s, emblems, coats of arms, illustrations, and decals. And of course her beautiful watercolor prints! The elephant below may be my favorite! Check all of her work at


Elephant by Kearsley Lloyd  


Kearsley also happens to be a melanoma survivor. She graciously opened up about her experience to share with you all.


“If sharing my story prompts one person to schedule a skin check, it’s well worth it! I am a 6x  melanoma patient and I had my first melanoma at age 25. Thankfully, I listened to my gut and insisted that my dermatologist (at the time) biopsy a mole on my forearm. I was told to watch it until my next yearly appointment, yet, for some reason, I demanded a biopsy. I’ve had 5 surgeries (different melanomas on my body) and numerous biopsies in the 6 years since. As a sailor and beach lover, I always worshiped the sun. I’d forgo a hat so that my hair would get bleached by the sun. I always wore sunscreen, and so I thought I was being safe. If only I had understood then that my short-lived tan would lead to painful surgeries and permanent scars all over my body as an adult. And I’m one of the lucky ones… mine were found early. I now see my doctors every three months, and I am so grateful to my team of doctors at Dana Farber for catching all of my cancers and melanomas early. Most skin cancers and melanomas are completely curable IF IT’S CAUGHT EARLY,  GET CHECKED! I now cover up as much as I can thanks to UPF clothing and I use EWG verified mineral sunscreens that I check on the Environmental Working Group Safe Sunscreen Guide. Call your dermatologist and book your yearly check!”


Kearsley also shared her sun protection favorites! Most of them are right on Amazon and you can have them by the weekend!!!

Please note: A Modern Housewife LLC has affiliate relationships with multiple brands. A Modern Housewife LLC will earn a small commission on any item purchased through an affiliate link. That commission keeps this site up and running and allows us to keep the content coming to you, thank you! All items linked are because  we own, love  and use them; or think they are of value to our readers (basically, we think they are pretty cool and want them ourselves!). Please let us  know  you have any questions about any products featured!

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Click on item name to shop! 

  1. Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat – I love their women’s sun hats.
  2. Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Wrap – has loads of #upf clothing for men and women. I love their bamboo sun shirts for Q – they feel like cotton and they’re super lightweight. I put these on him when he’s headed out in the sun to play. (I immediately added this to my shopping cart!)

  3. Sunday Afternoons Kids Fun Bucket Hat – has the best kids hats – they have versions with back flaps and without.

  4. Blue Lizard Sunscreen – is #1 rated by EWG and it’s been awesome for my son’s sensitive skin. The bottle turns blue in UV light – even on a cloudy day, I’m always surprised how strong the rays can be.
  5. Suntegrity Sunscreen – has been a favorite of mine for years.
  6. Mott 50 Sonja Dress – was my first UPF purchase years ago and I’ve been adding to my collection ever since. Their bamboo fabrics are lightweight and cool, and they last and last. I love their UPF wraps – I wear it over a suit and I always have one in my bag to throw on in case I end up in the sun unexpectedly.
  7. Free Fly Men’s Hydra Shorts – Has the softest #upf material made from bamboo (for men and women!). I throw one on when I’m going for a walk or to the beach. I love all of their products!
  8. Hi-Ho Suntek Wide Leg Pant – My latest obsession is this pair of pants from Hi-Ho Caribbean UPF50. How fun are these?! Women are more likely to get skin cancer on their legs, and after 2 melanomas on mine, I try to cover my legs when I’m in the sun. It’s hard to find fun beach pants with protection, so I hope they’ll add more prints!
  9. Cabana Life Hooded Tunic – products I love!
  10. Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Oxide Dry-Touch Sunscreen – Finally has a safe zinc sunscreen!
  11. Cabana Life Long sleeve Rashgaurd – I have a bunch of these rashgaurds for swimming. (I have this one too and LOVE it!)
  12. Think Baby Think Sport Sunscreen – Was just introduced to me by a friend #1 rated on EWG and it’s so easy to spread!







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