What I Watched In 2020…

Okay, last 2020 recap! Just in time for the weekend in case you need something to curl up on the sofa and binge watch. All the shows/movies worth noting that we consumed in 2020! Also, check out my “What To Watch Post” from 2019 with some older favorites!


  1. You (Netflix) – The 2nd season of You dropped right before New Year’s Eve (2019) and we binged the whole thing in about 3 days… just as creepy as the first season and very entertaining!
  2. Good Girls (Netflix) – I randomly started watching this series while folding laundry and it was surprisingly good. Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta (Just her first name, like Madonna!) make an amusing team of suburban moms who stumble into a life of crime.
  3. Truth Be Told (AppleTV) – This is an AppleTV original with Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul. It is an excellent crime thriller about a podcaster who second guesses her original theory about a murder.
  4. Homeland (Showtime)– It’s was back for it final season! Who didn’t want to see what happens to Carrie and Saul?
  5. Jack Ryan Season 2 (Amazon Prime) – I downloaded this for my trip to Bermuda (last travel!!!) and ended up not touching my book because I was hooked! It was on my watch list for a while… a few false starts (and maybe I thought it wasn’t that interesting – ha!)… but it was so good- I gasped out loud several times! Watch it!
  6. The Outsider (HBO) – A take on the Stephen King novel, this one is really twisty and dips into the super natural. Very well acted!
  7. Ozark (Netflix) – Third season of this Jason Bateman & Laura Linney! It is just so good. Suspenseful!
  8. Making The Cut (Amazon Prime) – I would watch anything with these two in it! I miss Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum together!
  9.  Defending Jacob (Apple TV) – This book was actually the first book I picked for book club 7 years ago! I still remember the conversation and the book- haunting!
  10. Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu) – Another book (and a book club book!) turned TV show. I LOVED this Celeste Ng book and I think Reese and Kerry did a great job bringing it top the small screen!
  11. Bosch (Amazon Prime) –  I can safely say this is our favorite show EVER. Season 6 dropped and we finished it a few days. JUST. SO. GOOD.
  12. Luther (Hulu) – If you have never gotten into the BBC Drama now is the time.  Idris Elba is fantastic as a slightly broken detective. We are just finishing up season 5… the season’s are short and rumor has it season 6 should be out this year.
  13. The Americans (Amazon Prime) – We started this show when it came on back in 2013 and fell off after the 1st season. Quarantine seemed like a perfect time to binge it. What an excellent show. We were sad to say good by to the Jennings at the end.
  14. Outer Banks (Netflix) – Okay, Matt was NOT into this teen mystery drama, but I am.
  15. Never Have I Ever (Netflix) –  Oh my gosh is this show adorable! We binged this teen coming of age comedy-drama so quickly and were so sad when it ended! Don’t miss it!
  16. Perry Mason (HBO) – Dark and gritty, a interesting new take on Perry Mason. And who doesn’t love Matthew Rhys?
  17. Ted Lasso (Apple TV) – Light and funny, just what you need in a show. Jason Sudeikis is hilarious as usual.
  18. Last Chance U (Netflix) – We are a little late to this one, but it is so good. A docudrama where “Elite athletes with difficult pasts turn to junior college football for a last shot at turning their lives around and achieving their dreams.” Think Friday Night Lights but real and raw.
  19. Away (Netflix) – This show has it all. Suspense, family drama, work place drama and SPACE! We loved it and are keeping our fingers crossed there is a 2nd season… we need to know what happens to them!
  20. Tehran (Apple TV) – This is oh so good! If you miss Homeland try this!
  21. The Floor Is Lava (Netflix) – Okay, this show is utterly ridiculous but my kids love it and we laugh… HARD… when we watch it!
  22. Next (Fox) – This show will absolutely make you want to turn off your Alexa… just saying. And it has John Slattery in it, the best from Mad Men.
  23. The Undoing (HBO) – Excellent limited series! Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant are flawless! It was a book before a show (aren’t all the good ones!), check that out too! You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz.
  24. The Flight Attendant (HBOMax) – It’s a clever and satisfyingly dark show! Kaley Cuoco nails the “messy” flight attendant who finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery.
  25. The Wilds (Amazon Prime) – This show… I actually miss it. I loved it that much. It may be a YA show but it is just as engrossing for not as young adults – ha! Part Lost, part Lord Of The Flies, so good!
  26. Manhunt: Deadly Games (Netflix) – Second season of this Netflix show (If you didn’t watch season 1 about the Unabomber you need to!) and it was binge worthy! We watched with my folks over Christmas and finished it in 4 days!
  27. The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) – If you have not watched this yet you are missing out. You will be dusting off that chess set immediately.
  28. Virgin River (Netflix) – I started this light hearted series while wrapping presents and quickly got myself and Matt hooked. We binged the two seasons quite quickly! If you want something somewhat mindless but very endearing (with a touch of suspense too!) this show is for you!


  1. Late Night (Amazon Prime) – Watched this on my flight to Bermuda and really enjoyed it. Mindy Kaling (who wrote it too!) can really do no wrong, and Emma Thompson has a refreshingly different part! Amusing!
  2. Knives Out – This was an entertaining little movie. Great escape for a bit!
  3. 1917 Movie – A historical war movie isn’t usually top of the list but the cinematography in this one is breathtaking. It is filmed to be told in one continuous shot.
  4. The Lovebirds (Netflix) – Need a laugh? Watch this. These two are hilarious.
  5. The Wrong Missy (Netflix) – This was laugh out loud amusing. We were skeptical going in but it FUNNY.
  6. The Sleepover (Netflix) –  If you are need of a kid’s movie this is a good one!
  7. The Lie (Amazon Prime) – Whoa. This movie was twisty and so well done! Veena Sud who also did The Killing, which I highly recommend, directed this and it was go good!
  8. Hubbie Halloween (Netflix) – Typical Adam Sandler slapstick humor!

Honorable mention of a Podcast! (clearly I need a whole post devoted to podcasts!)

  1. Monster- DC Sniper Podcast – I grew up in the area where all this took place. I was off in New York City by then, but my Father was home for work through all of this (My Mother actually stayed in RI because of it) and it was truly frightening. I found it fascinating to hear all the details which the police are releasing now. Perfect listen while I am doing all the laundry etc.
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