Week Fourteen Coronavirus Hiatus: Enough.

Week fourteen…. are we still even on a hiatus here? Everything is reopening with careful measures and we all need to adjust to a “new normal”. We will not wake up and have this be over… which I guess I sort of thought would happen when I started this post series fourteen weeks ago. So no, this isn’t a hiatus anymore; it’s the new way of being. Gosh, that’s intense.

This past weekend the fatigue of the past 14 weeks of events just caught up to me – I just couldn’t do anything. I have been so focused on keeping my household afloat in every aspect… keep it running, keep it clean, keep everyone on an even keel and as happy, comfortable and safe as they could be during the tumultuous time. We’ve been focused on teaching and learning and doing… it’s enough.

I spent my weekend tuned in in a different manner – not doing anything. We played, we watched movies, we laughed… yes I still did laundry, but I eased up on the gas and took the pressure off; I guess mostly of myself. 

You read all those articles about those 70’s & 80’s summers for kids… what we had… and why not? Bring on the sprinklers, popsicles, late movie nights and possibly camping in the yard. Not only will they love it but it will be a whole lot easier on parents. And for goodness’ sake… let children be bored… let yourself be bored! Read a book without guilt! (Maybe I am the only one that for the last handful of weeks has not made it through a book because I get distracted thinking of all the things I “need” to do).

So stay tuned… I think this will be the last Coronavirus Hiatus weekly post… because we aren’t on hiatus anymore; but I will write about our adventures and activities this summer and what we are doing to stay busy… in a non-stressful way! 


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