Summer of the jumpsuit…

I have been loving jumpsuits since last Fall and I can safely say that they are officially the the easiest outfit of the Summer. Like with a dress, you can put together an outfit in no time; they are so simple to dress up or down. Unlike a dress, you can pretty much do anything in a jumpsuit… run after a small child, easily sit in the grass or the sand and most importantly (at least to me!) you can ride a bike in a jumpsuit! (Okay, maybe I would not ride a bike in #10, but it is my mode of summer transportation most nights!)

Cropped, wide leg, prints, stripes, cotton, linen; there are LOTS of fabulous options out there. Fit is key, so try a bunch on! Below find some great jumpsuits… the stripe one is calling my name!

Summer of the Jumpsuit.jpg

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