I will be honest. New Year’s Eve is not my favorite “Holiday”. So much build up and pressure to have plans for the night and have all of these resolutions in order to have a bright and shiny new year. No thank you.

I do LOVE new chapters, fresh beginnings, a reset. So I take it as that. A great time to refocus and turn in a little bit. I would much rather focus on ways I would like to be, things I would like to do and perhaps accomplish rather than setting perimeters and restrictions (No sugar! Workout every day! Eat more Kale!).  Know what I mean?


So here is what I would like to see more of for myself and my family in 2018:

Find more time for creativity. I was an art major with a concentration in painting in college and then went on to become a jewelry designer… I miss working with color and shape every day. This is where food (and fashion, too) come in.  All those fun salads on Instagram , random outfits of the day, recipes I create or the 2017 “Holiday Dressing” post still allow me to play with color, proportion and texture much the same way I did when I was painting and designing. I love it. So I need to do more of it! What would you guys like to see on this blog? Recipes? Fashion? Home? Reviews? Tell me!

Next up. Clutter. We need to get rid of it. Between all the paper that comes through our door, the things I debate parting with (see below) and the kids ever growing collection of things we are overwhelmed with “stuff”. I read The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.  I stored all my jeans vertically and tried to keep only things that sparked joy… but we still need less clutter! Perhaps I need to reread it. I REALLY have a hard time pitching things, in particular gifts from lovely people. Does anyone else struggle with this?

And last but certainly not least (I kept my wants short), is to create more adventures/experiences/memories for my kids. After a year of really seeing that life is short and you only go around once this is really important. We already do a lot of really special things so these do not need to be extravagant costly adventures, but just real quality time together doing things that are exciting for them (which ends up being exciting for me too). I am still curating a list but building an army fort, going to a Monster Truck Show and getting a new sled for the next snow are already added!


What about you? What are you wishes for 2018?


Oh, and Happy New Year!




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