The Ultimate Reset

Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset:


The what and the why.

What is The Ultimate Reset? It is Beachbody’s 21 day detox/cleanse and as they call it “ a 21-day commitment to cleaner eating and healthier living.”

It really allows you to dial into your nutrition and find out what best fuels you and perhaps where you need a little work… like the chocolate chips that seemed to find their way into my mouth EVERY day.

It comes with 21 days of supplements and a guide book with 21 days of meals and the recipes. Also, with any Beachbody product, it comes with a supportive online community that you can turn to (and commiserate with) during your 21 day journey. That part is really key, it helps you stay accountable and on track!

The why? I felt stuck. I had a run of bad months, was not as tuned into what I was eating after the New Year and honestly needed a break from exercise (that’s right, heavy exercise is NOT recommended while doing The Ultimate Reset)—so I just needed exactly that, a reset. My husband, sweet man that he is, hopped on for the ride so I wasn’t doing it alone.

So my take aways… besides the amazing creamy garlic dressing from the recipe book that I will post below…

  1. I stopped drinking coffee a few days before I started so that I wouldn’t get headaches (I did not), I noticed I was much hungrier without my morning coffee and it was clearly acting as an appetite suppressant to get me through the morning school rush. I have not gone back to coffee yet and I am not sure I will. Although caffeine may be helpful considering my two year old’s sleep habits it is nice knowing I am not dependent on coffee in the morning. I do have a higher sense of calm and clarity that I thinking likely comes from no caffeine. Now that I have typed this I really want a cup of Cinnamon Sunset Tea from Harney & Sons… that is caffeinated!
  1. There was SO much mindless eating going on. Picking at the food going into the lunchbox while making it, tasting meals as I went. It may not seem like a lot but boy does it add up!
  1. I really like meat and dairy… like a lot. That said I really liked seeing that a large vegetable filled salad with nuts/seeds can really fill you up AND sustain you and that you do not need meat at every meal. On that note, oatmeal is actually more filling than eggs for me in the morning but I think I already knew that.
  1. It was an excellent reminder of why restriction and deprivation diets just don’t work long term. Having a 21 day window from start to finish makes it easy to follow the plan but highlights how important it is to find a proper eating plan that is sustainable so you don’t go out an eat a whole chocolate cake after days of salads… know what I mean? It just reaffirmed what a great program The Portion Fix is for learning the proper portions and best way to eat to maintain a healthy weight. (The Portion Fix comes with all Challenge Packs for Beachbody Fitness Programs). There has to be balance in your daily diet to keep your waistline and your sweet tooth happy!
  1. On a personal level I learned that I did not miss wine. I really like chocolate and missed it. I missed 30 minutes of hard core exercise a day. I have a sensitivity to soy, likely fermented. I am not meant to be a Vegan. While I really wasn’t ever hungry during the Ultimate Reset I was fatigued and tired for all of week 2 and 3. To the point of struggling to keep up with my kids. But you know what, that is a wonderful thing to learn. Not everyone is built the same. I believe in bio-individuality, there is no universal diet for all and we all need different things. I have had friends finish The Reset and lean Vegan, which is awesome. I do not need animal proteins at every meal but I do think I need them every day. After a bowl of oatmeal and Greek yogurt this morning my energy came bounding back! And last but not least I learned I have incredible will power. I made it all 21 days without a single slip-up (save that accidental almond butter lick off my finger while making a kids sandwich), pretty impressed with myself. I can do hard things.

My husband had a few take aways as well.

  1. I had a serious dependency on caffeine and sugar to get me through the day which I’ve overcome.
  2. I feel much better eating fewer animal proteins.
  3. When I do indulge post-reset, I can savor in smaller amounts.


So what were our results besides all the good things above?

I lost a whopping 13lbs and 9 inches… 2 of which were from my waist!

Matt lost 18lbs (!!!!) and 7 inches… all in 21 days!!! I think my husband’s weight loss is a bit more noticeable, his clothes are quite lose. I think mine is a little less so, I do not need to go buy new clothes but feel quite fabulous in what I do have (and what I was thinking of pitching from my closet because it did not fit) and I just look healthier!

Was it worth it?

Absolutely! How awesome to figure out the best way to eat all while dropping some weight! Was it super easy? No. But it was not impossible— the hardest thing for me was having to follow a recipe each meal! It became clear I like to create my own food and just use recipes as a guide!

If you want to know more about the Ultimate Reset send me an email Ready to jump in? Here is the purchase link!


Favorite Recipe from the Reset 

My favorite recipe from The Reset (Besides the Coconut Collards) was the Creamy Garlic Dressing. I had it pretty much every day with all the salads. Of course I changed it a little bit, I can never leave well enough alone when it comes to recipes… I tinker, so here is my modified version! (Actually, that soup was pretty good too!)



Creamy Garlic Dressing

½ cup extra-virgin olive oil (I used a really flavorful one)

¼ cup red wine vinegar

3 cloves garlic

2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice (about one lemon)

2 Tbsp. fresh parsley

1 tsp. Himalayan salt

½ tsp. grainy Dijon mustard

1 Tbsp. raw honey.


Place all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend until very smooth. Transfer to a jar and refrigerate. Shake again before serving.

(If dressing solidifies when cold remove and leave on counter for 30 minutes)


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