Designer Spotlight: Emily Kuvin Jewelry

Quite recently I have realized I really want to build out my jewelry box. Perhaps it was hitting 40, but I am more interested in quality vs quantity. I have fond memories of playing in my grandmother’s and mother’s jewelry boxes and being enamored with their gold bracelets, cocktail rings and ornate pins; it always seemed like a collection I would have when I was older too.

Cigar Band, Bonbon Ring, Polished Diamond Stacking Ring

Perhaps it’s a bit of a Coronavirus Pandemic effect as well… I am not spending as many of my dollars on clothing, vacations and dinners out etc. I would rather spend it on a substantial piece of quality jewelry that brings me daily joy! I would like an item I will have forever, can wear every day and can pass on down the line as my own heirloom.

So on that note, I have a great jewelry designer that I was introduced to recently that I would like to share! Emily Kuvin Jewelry has the most fabulous pieces!

Emily Mathes Kuvin arrived at professional jewelry design after years working in television journalism, law, and hospital fundraising. Her commitment to do good infuses all her work, and she strives to give back to her local and the global communities through board and volunteer work, financial donations, and raising awareness of causes and issues that affect all of us.

The collection is simple and elegant. Emily uses color in original ways to punctuate her designs and to add fun and lightness to her collections. Emily is a student of history, art and architecture, and her passion for all of these informs her designs. She favors clean lines and classic structure in her jewelry that is both contemporary and timeless. Each piece is crafted in 14k gold or sterling silver using precious and semiprecious stones, and are all hand-finished.

Emily began designing jewelry in high school and continued to refine and develop her aesthetic and skills over the years. She has a BA and a JD from Cornell University, an MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and has completed coursework at the Gemological Institute of America. Today, Emily designs from her studio in New York City where she lives with her family and two pups.

Cigar Band, Bonbon Stacking Ring, Diamond Stacking Ring, Stella Necklace with Sapphires and Bonbon Necklace

I am so impressed with Emily’s jewelry. Every piece has weight without being bulky or clumsy. She has blended delicate with substantial effortlessly, all while keeping the “cool factor”.

The thought that goes into each and every piece is clear. When you start looking more at fine jewelry you realize how important the small details are. One of my favorite details in her work is the extra loops added to her necklaces. Each piece has three rings so that, with the clasp, you can choose the length of your necklace. This lends to layering (see photo!) these necklaces perfectly!

Now; let’s get into my favorites! I covet quite a few!

  1. Diamond Jubilation Cigar Band – I am over the moon about this piece… so much so I went ahead and treated myself to it. It is substantial (there is that word again!) and feels so good on! The sparkle of the diamonds is an added bonus.
  2. Polished Stacking Ring with Diamonds – I loved trying this on and stacking it with my other bands. Would make a spectacular wedding band or guard ring. (see below how I styled it)
  3. Stellina Nova – This necklace just makes me smile. Total mom moment… it reminds me of a comic strip… Crack Boom POW! And it’s funny, when I told Emily I loved the “Kapow” necklace she said “Yes! That is exactly it, there is a comic book/pop art reference there!” Absolutely a statement piece. Comes in both gold and silver.
  4. Turquoise Bonbon Necklace – Also on my wish-list… Such a great layering piece, she has several other stones to choose from as well. I loved it layered with the Stella necklace with sapphires. (see above!)
  5. Signature Earrings with Green and Pink Tourmaline – I love the mixing of stones for these earrings. Gives them a little edge.
  6. Three Dot Necklace with Diamonds – Simple and sweet, you could wear this one everyday.
  7. Malachite Tile Necklace – I want this necklace in every stone, but I love the green Malachite. I see this with a turtleneck in the winter and a linen sundress in the Summer. Effortlessly chic!
  8. Mini Stella Single Necklace with Blue Sapphire – The added touch of gemstones in the charm elevate it. Would be great in your own birthstone or a loved one!
  9. Stellina Nova with Diamonds – The Stellina Nova I love (POW!) but with diamonds for some extra POW!
  10. Mini Stella Nova Gold Necklace – Again, I am into layering this with a few other delicate chains, but I think it would also be a great necklace for a teenager- perfect special holiday gift.
  11. Mini Stella Nova Studs – Same as above but awesome earrings.
  12. Stella Silver Mixed Element Station Necklace – My favorite thing about this necklace, besides the gemstones, if you can wear it long or you can double it up for a shorter style! (See below!)
  13. Stella Cluster Necklace – Instant charm necklace.
  14. Bonbon Ring – I LOVE this stacked with the Polished Stacking Ring with Diamonds (seen above), but also so great with other Bonbon rings… pick all your loved ones birthstones or just your favorite colors!
  15. Three Stone Stacking Ring – I would love a bunch of these grouped together, they almost fit like a puzzle!

Check out Emily’s full collection on her website: and also follow along on Instagram: Bonus, if you sign up for her emails you get 10% off your first order!

Emily can also customize some pieces, so do not hesitate to reach out to her with requests! So which is your favorite piece, what is on your wish list?

Cigar Band, Stella Necklace with Sapphires and Bonbon Necklace


Stella Silver Mixed Element Station Necklace

Stella Silver Mixed Element Station Necklace

**This post was sponsored by Emily Kuvin Jewelry. All selections and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that keep AMH going.

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