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I joined a playgroup when my first born was about two months old. Little did I know that I would meet women that would become life long (amazing, supportive, exceptional) friends. I went to the first meeting of the playgroup and the first person I met was Lindsay Hurty.  She was warm, had a kind face and asked all the right questions with a sweet enthusiasm. I met Abby Knott at our next gathering which she held at her home. Abby was so welcoming, collected and amazingly at ease for a mom of two kids under 2.  Our friendships cemented quickly.

It came with little surprise when they told me they were starting a business together all these years later. They are the perfect compliment to each other and I am so thrilled for them. I can’t wait to see it all grow and unfold.

Abby Knott & Lindsay Hurty

They have just launched Everwell.

EVERWELL to open first location in Darien, CT

Darien, CT: 10/01/19

Everwell, where woman gather to work + grow + connect.

“As mothers, volunteers and small business owners, we dreamt of a place where we could go work, collaborate, and socialize,” says Abby Knott and Lindsay Hurty, co-founders. “We also wanted a space where women felt empowered by the people and conversations around them.”

Unlike other female collaborative workspaces that are popping up around the country, Everwell is uniquely tailored to the local, suburban woman. Everwell is a space for women in all of their roles, whether it’s as family CEO, a dedicated volunteer, a career professional, or a freelancer/entrepreneur. In addition to offering membership-based workspace and networking opportunities, the company also features thought-rich programming, including speakers, workshops, social gatherings and one-on-one coaching. Highly curated and carefully balanced, Everwell’s programming is tied to four key areas—they call them pillars—‘Career + Calling’, ‘Body + Health’, ‘Family + Home’, ‘Thought + Intellect.’

“Regardless of who you are or what you’re doing in your life, we all share a similar journey as women,” says Hurty, who grew up in Darien and is raising her family in there. Having also founded, an education and workshop platform, Hurty is passionate about bringing people together. “Whether you’re working from home or raising small children or both, it can be isolating,” she states. “At Everwell you’ll be able get stuff done while also feeling connecting to something bigger.”

Featuring 3,000 square feet of indoor / outdoor multi-purpose workspace, social areas and conference & meeting rooms, Everwell is smartly designed to meet multiple needs. “It’s been a team effort since day one,” says Knott, “we’re so thankful to everyone who’s been part of the effort.” Everwell’s team includes Katherine Eberly Spellane (architect), Julie Flakstad (marketing), Josh Brown (branding), Kate Cotter (website development), as well as in-house resident consultants for programming: Brooke Fisch, Jenny Hayes Edwards, Jacqueline Telgheder, and Page Berger.

In a time when co-working spaces are a buzz word, Everwell stands apart. Besides offering a perfect spot to focus and get work done; they are giving you a great resource for personal development and truly a space to build relationships and enjoy a close knit community. We have nothing like it here in Darien, and it’s exciting.

I had the pleasure of going to the opening day for a visit and let me tell you… the space is amazing. The vibe and energy of the light filled, and grounding space is just like Lindsay & Abby- warm, bright, soothing and teaming with an enthusiastic energy.

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Contact information:

co-founders: Abby Knott & Lindsay Hurty


address: 19 Old King’s Highway South, Darien, CT


(Title photo image by Jane Beiles)


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