Flatten The Curve

Okay folks. It’s really time to stay home. Yes, get your groceries and your toilet paper, go to the doctor etc if need be but PLEASE practice social distancing. It’s the only way we are going to put a pin in this.

My Whole Foods at 9am this morning.

I understand that there are people (plenty of people) that will still need to go to their jobs and earn for themselves and their families and provide services to our communities, I am grateful for those people. But, if you have the ability to hunker down in your house please do so. On that note, support your local small businesses… a lot of them are delivering and offering curb side pick up! Contact me if your local and looking for a list around here who are doing so for as long as they are open. Let’s lessen the amount of people out there and leave it to those that need to be. People are complaining about their kids being out of school for two weeks… you want to get them back in school? Stay in your house now. You want to go to the gym/barre/spinning? Stay in your house now. You want to head out to dinner with friends? Stay in your house now. You want to get back to normal? Stay in your house now. Let this run its course so we can move on and let the healing of this country begin. Let’s be South Korea, not Italy in this.

I have a dear friend who has an immunocompromised child and she sent this out this morning… YES to all of this. “Morning friends, I’ve had tons of text chains flying around with questions about families getting together , kids play dates, and the like. My family is in lock down mode. Not one person besides the five of us will come in or out of our house. Cancelling cleaning people (but paying them). As for playing outside I’m undecided but my kids have to stay 6 feet apart from anyone else. I’m not trying to be on a soapbox here but for this to work we have to stop the chain of contact. Will this suck, will my kids be mad, yes. But I’m practicing here for times later when they will be mad. We can see the difference between China and Italy’s reaction. China is slowly starting to emerge and Italy has to decide who to save. Iran is building mass graves.
I am just telling you what I am doing in the hope that it starts a chain reaction. I realize that we are the demographic that this is most dire for so that’s why I’m so fiercely protective but we are not the only ones. Others need the protection too. The kids with asthma, our parents the mom recovering from cancer.
I love you all and apologize for the early morning soapbox.”

Perfectly said in my opinion.

If you don’t know what to stock up read my “Let’s Be Prepared” post. Stay tuned on here too… (I have all this time to create content) I will have some “What To Do”, What To Read”, What To Watch” and “What To Day Dream Shop For” posts coming here!

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