• Maple Peach Crisp

    I came down on Sunday morning to find our brand new peaches already starting to spoil… even though they weren’t ripe! Heat and no air conditioning is not produces’ friend unfortunately. I hate wasting food so what better thing to make but a crisp? A close riff on my favorite Bourbon Apple Crisp… it’s delicious and I couldn’t wait until dessert… I had it for breakfast for with coconut yogurt and blueberries. Perfection.

  • July Favorites

    Hey hey, here we are half way through Summer! How is everyone doing? All a little different, but we are making sure we are still having an excellent Summer. Here are my favorites from this month!       Outdoor Movie Projector – What kid doesn’t love staying up late for an outdoor movie. This thing is awesome! Face Masks – I mean this one is obvious right? You have to wear one so let’s make it fun.  Shan Swimsuit – I actually have this in a different color but it is THE BEST swimsuit I have… so flattering, so comfortable. I feel like a million bucks in it! HBO’s…

  • Summer Salads: My New Staple

    I have had a lot of questions and requests for what this salad is… probably because I constantly post it… because yes, I really am eating it every day. This salad all starts with Alison Roman’s ” Secret Ingredient Pasta”, that I am now making WEEKLY. It is just that good, and the leftovers mixed with vinegar soaked curly kale are even better. It is bright and tangy, and for those that swear they don’t like sun dried tomatoes please try it anyway. They melt right into the fresh tomatoes. Let me back up. I have been reading Fiber Fueled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Program for Losing Weight, Restoring Your…

  • Mint Chia Dressing

    I LOVE to add fruit to my salads in the Summer. Nectarines, peaches and watermelon are abundant and pair so well with greens – match made in heaven! I created this dressing for those fruit filled salads… I promise it is not overly “minty”, but a great compliment to the sweet fruit! Adding the chia seeds thickens the dressing while giving you a boost of fiber!   Please note: A Modern Housewife LLC has affiliate relationships with multiple brands. A Modern Housewife LLC will earn a small commission on any item purchased through these links. That commission keeps this site up and running and allows us to keep the content…

  • Basil Thyme Vinaigrette

    I love the start of Summer for many reasons… but one of my most favorite reasons is that my dad’s garden is abundant with lettuce. His favorite to grow is Simpson and it is SO good! There is nothing like a salad made with fresh cut lettuce. But, the dressing has to be equally as good. If you’ve been a reader for a while you know I prefer to make my own salad dressings, I think this may be my new all time favorite! Bursting with herby flavor, it is a Summer home run.   

  • Cocktails: The Summer Starter

    Yesterday was our last day of school, so while not the official first day of Summer, it certainly feels like Summer has started! This is a perfect light refreshing cocktail to embrace these Summer nights. Feel free to use your liquor of choice here. I used tequila. (obviously… I always use Tequila!)  

  • Week Eleven Corona Virus Hiatus: Entertaining Outside

    Week ELEVEN. So things are shifting a lot. States are opening up, social distancing still stands and masks are encouraged if not mandatory; but stay at home orders are lifting. Perhaps there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. I still can not quite picture what the Summer will look like, but I imagine we will get into a groove and hopefully be able to socialize with a few families. I read this NPR article on how to assess risk this Summer and found it to be helpful, good common sense. So… it looks like when (if) we will be entertaining, it will be outside. I rounded…

  • Easy Cotton Dresses

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I always consider this the kick off of Summer, although this looks quite different for us this year. This will be the first Memorial Day in a very long time I won’t be spending it in RI with family and friends. Bizarre and a real bummer! Regardless, we are still going to make it a fantastic low key weekend here. The kick off of Summer has me thinking more and more about my summer closet (and packing for the big trip to RI) and what I really want to be wearing on those hot Summer days. Cotton. I’ve become pickier about fabrics, and the Summer definitely…

  • Brown Butter Cereal Bars

    Looking to make something super easy, super satisfying and probably already have everything in your kitchen?  I got you! These are upgraded “Krispie” treats with decadent browned butter and a touch of salt. You can really use any plain cereal here… Chex, Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes etc etc. I’d stay away from fruit flavored cereals, but chocolate would work! Last time we made this we used a combo of Cheerios and Rice Chex!