Okay. So here we are. It’s 2019.

I ended 2018 broken, so that means I’m starting this new year a little broken too. That’s okay, 2019 will be a work in progress.

I wrote last year of my reluctance for New Year’s Resolutions and said what I’d like to see for us in the year ahead instead of “fixing” things. No diets over here my friends. This is still the case.

To follow up on last year:

1. I certainly flexed that creative muscle more and have loved the direction I have taken this blog. I can’t wait to see what is on the path ahead for A Modern Housewife. As always, keep letting me know what you love and want to see/read/learn more of!

2. We got rid of A LOT of clutter when we did another house renovation. (Pictures and before and afters to come- I PROMISE.) We still have more (so much more!) to go. Is this what happens when you live in the same space for 10+ years? I have been in the basement all day reworking our playroom and storage space. Can’t wait for the Veterans Pick Up to come and take away the items we no longer need. Does anyone else use this organization? It is so simple; Pick Up Please is AMAZING!

3. Making more memories with my family. This will be on going; forever. I did make the fort, buy the sled and we even went to that Monster Jam Show… I managed to even convince my brother, Thad to join us (it wasn’t that hard!). So, so grateful for that memory.

Last year I said that in 2017 I saw that life is short and you only go around once so making the time to do things with our family was really important. Gosh was that true.

So for this new year I am continuing with the same goals. Grow more in this space; make my home more streamlined and only filled with things we love, less is more after all; and make many more fantastic memories with family and friends. That this year means traveling more, entertaining more and maybe just sitting in quiet more… reading (I have to do another book post!), creating, relaxing all together. And last but not least, I just want everyone to be healthy and find a little peace in 2019.

Happy New Year to you all, I wish you a bright, happy and healthy 2019!






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