Cinnamon “Latte”

I quit coffee. Really. Over a year ago now, and I used to drink two cups (if not more a day). I don’t miss it but I do miss a latte with that froth sometimes. So this is my cinnamon “latte” that I have been loving in the mornings. Made with my favorite Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea with added protein and fat it keeps me from feeling starved during the morning rush.

Bonus for some that it’s dairy free too!

It’s my version of the ever talked about Bulletproof coffee… Bulletproof tea! I happen to love Brain Octane, I think it makes me more focused during the day… dare I say more efficient less scattered?!

(You need a few things for this one- all order links are in the ingredients list!)




Steep your tea bag in boiling water until it reaches your desired strength (I like it strong!). Once that’s ready remove the teabag and add the tea to a high powered blender with the cashew butter, collagen peptides and Brain Octane. Blend on high until smooth and opaque. Pour into your favorite big mug and sprinkle with cinnamon!


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